The world is wonderful

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The world around is filled with all types of wonders and we can gaze at them only by opening our eyes and our hearts. After all my explanation need to think in magic in order to believe it. But if you’re somebody who’s a bit on the cynical side, we bring to you a list of the wonders that exist all over the world. If you’re a lover of archeology, history or traveling you’re definitely going to enjoy this report. Oh and if you plan to travel after reading this, do not forget to check into Cathay Asia Airlines.

The crown jewel of Egypt and the only surviving architecture from the original Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, this pyramid is truly a sight to behold. The building is approximately 480 feet tall and was the tallest building in the world for at least 3800 years. This pyramid when built was outlined with a limestone casing that with time got destroyed. You can now only see the casing near the base of the pyramid whereas the top exposes us to the interior liner of the pyramid.

2. Petra, Jordan
Petra is often called the city of rose as a result of red colored stones it is made of. This beautiful hidden city is famous for its architectural grace and the water conduit system. Despite the fact that the city is located in Jordan, it was actually discovered by a Swiss explorer in the early 19th century. This place is also said to have structures which are more than 2000 years old.

3. Christ the Redeemer, Rio De Janeiro
This miracle took a total of nine years to be constructed due to the its location on the surface of a cliff. This is the third largest statue of Jesus in the world. The raw materials for this statue were actually imported from Sweden.

This wall that stretches over 8000 kilometers was built over a period of 2000 years and revived over time by several different Chinese dynasties. It is said that millions of people died while building the wall and they’re buried inside the Wall’s foundations. The Wall is also famous because it’s the only structure on Earth that can be seen in the moon without any aids. Fascinating right?

5. The Colosseum
The Colosseum has over 80 entrances and can house 50,000 people at one time. It receives millions of people every year and is therefore the biggest tourist attraction in Rome.

6. The Leaning Tower
This beautiful tower situated in Pisa is famous because of the way it inclines with height. The architecture has been constructed in a way which makes it feel tilted. If you are ever in Italy, this is essential place to visit.

7. Taj Mahal
Constructed by an emperor in the memory of his beloved spouse, this palace is a sign of love for the whole world. The intricate architecture and carving inside this Mahal will make you fall in love with it. And if you don’t believe us, why don’t you go see it yourself? All you have to do is reserve your ticket using Cathay Asia Airlines.


Role Playing Games for Kids

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Role playing games offer an excellent way of teaching kids leadership skills. However, the content games have to be designed to attain maximum results. This article outlines tips for implementation and development. They benefit anyone who works with children (teachers, aides, camp counselors, etc.).

Determine the subjects.
Here, the purpose is to determine what you want the topic to be. Leadership is broad, but you must narrow the subject matter. Relevant topics regarding traits of leaders, for instance, include self control, respect, options, compassion, confidence, kindness, responsibility, character, honesty, courage, and gratitude. Similarly, brainstorm topics to cover with children about leadership principles.
List your aims.
Games offer innovative and fun ways to learn about a topic. Still, they have to have clear and measurable objectives. With that said, start by deciding what you want kids to learn about every topic. The objectives drive the design part of planning.
Sample objectives are as follows: To learn what leadership is and isn’t, To learn the qualities of great leaders, To use media, To meet different learning styles, To engage, To measure learning, or To obtain feedback.

Brainstorm creative situations.
Once you settle on the subjects, the next step is to design the situations. Aim for at least two activities per subject. Why?
At exactly the exact same time, how many kids will take part in the activity? A role play can involve two individuals and observers, or it can involve the whole class. Overall, it is dependent on how you structure it. Will the participants follow written instructions or respond to statements or questions?

Write prompts/scripts.
A role play includes instructions for saying or doing certain things. Therefore, writing clear and concise prompts or scripts is crucial. As an example, if you want one person to yell during the role play, you must say it on the card or slip of paper.
Gather supplies and materials.
Be creative. The more dramatic the activity the greater likelihood the information will stick. Do you want the kids dressed in costume? Will you need a laptop and display to display pictures or information? Even though it’s a role play, the game can contain components to fulfill different learning styles. Think of every activity as part of the program. Thus, a 1-page lesson plan is essential. This summary states the name of this game, objective(s), amount of time required, materials, detailed directions, and discussion questions. At length, a written program provides consistency and a road map for others to follow.
Develop discussion questions.
Aside from creating discussion, questions help to quantify learning, clarify concepts, and get feedback. Furthermore, the latter provides insight for improving the action.

Jelly beans

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The modern day jelly bean dates back to the Civil War, when it was promoted to Union soldiers (1860s) by the first-known maker, the Schrafft Candy Company. In the early 20th century,”jelly bean” was slang for a guy who dressed stylishly (commonly referred to a”fop”). In other words, your basic man of style but no substance, which pretty much explains the actual candy, almost pure sugar, using a bit of flavoring.

Current at all Cabinet meetings were several large jars of jelly beans sitting on the conference table during President Reagan’s administration, as well as a fixture in the Oval Office and on Air Force One. Guests in Reagan’s 1981 inaugural parties consumed a whopping 40 million jelly beans (about 7,000 pounds). Gourmet Jelly Belly brand actually created a new flavor, blueberry, specifically for the occasion. Ronnie was obviously the jelly bean president (would not foodie Thomas Jefferson have loved that).

Jelly beans became a regular penny candy from the early 1900s and were the first confection to be sold by weight instead of piece. Later they were packed in bags and sold in various Rat Poop flavors. In the 1930s, they exemplified Easter candy and sales skyrocketed each spring. There are a staggering 16 billion fabricated yearly only for Easter baskets and decorations.

Simple in shape and taste, manufacturing is anything but. It may take from 7 to 21 days to produce them, is rather labor-intensive, and a simple bag usually contains 8 different flavors. In honor of the all-American candy, there’s a National Jelly Bean Day annually, which will occur on April 22 this year. Annually, we have about 100 million pounds in the United States alone. (Dentists love that.)

Unquestionably the Rolls Royce of this popular candy is Jelly Belly, which positions itself as the”gourmet beans.” Very Cherry appreciated the best position in popularity for several decades until 1998, when (drum roll) Buttered Popcorn moved into first place; other unique flavors include Champagne, Draft Beer, Pancakes and Cappuccino. Much of the allure of Jelly Bellies are their unique, refreshing flavors, which deliver a burst of sweet joy in their small size and can be bought in bulk by individual flavor. What more could you ask? (And since they’re small, you can cram more into your mouth at one time, a definite plus)

So all of you fans, do you pick out your favorites or just grab a few, tastes be damned. Are you influenced by the colors, do you purchase”designer” jelly beans, or just select the regular? Perhaps you (sadly) have to avoid them since they wreak havoc with your dental work? No question, they’re all-American, like so many other penny candies, and have fascinated children of all ages for decades. Okay, so they don’t have any nourishment, but occasionally we have to forget about intrinsic value and go for it. They are just good, clean fun.

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